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Top 10 tips for recording video bios
Top 10 tips for recording video bios
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  1. Write your script and practise a couple of times. Don’t over rehearse - it's important to seem natural.

  2. Relax and imagine you’re talking to a friend.

  3. Wear something you feel comfortable in, but dress for the occasion.

  4. Use a plain or white wall as a backdrop.

  5. Place your recording device on a windowsill or in front of a light source, illuminating the frame.

  6. Sit slightly back from the camera, like you would in a meeting.

  7. Use earphones or a clip-on mic. Built-in recording devices create too much noise interference.

  8. Be yourself, let us see your personality. This is a chance to build an emotional connection with your viewers - letting them see the real you.

  9. Remember: this is not a test and nobody knows what you were planning to say.

  10. SMILE!

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