How should I record my video?
Written by Jessica Marrazzo
Updated over a week ago

We recommend using your mobile phone or tablet to film your mini clips. We've rounded up a few tips to ensure you record the highest quality video on your device.


  • Always record in landscape, never portrait.

  • Position the camera so that the lens is in line with your eyes. Feel free to use books to raise the camera to the right height level.

  • Sit a little further back so the camera frames you from the waist up. If you have the space to do so, allow for some depth behind you rather than being up against a wall.


  • Try to use a natural light source. Where possible, sit facing a window with the light shining onto your face.

  • If natural light is lacking, use artificial light to your advantage. For example, turn on the house lights or use a desk lamp to illuminate the frame. When using this set up, it's still important to ensure the light is shining onto you, rather than placing the light source behind you.


  • Keep it simple. Feel free to accessorise your background with plants, fruit bowls, lamps and books to add colour. If in doubt, less is more.


  • Record your clips in a quiet space (ideally without an echo).

  • Speak clearly and try not to tap surfaces with your hands during the recording.

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