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Video Guidelines - 10 tips for a great video bio!
Video Guidelines - 10 tips for a great video bio!
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  1. Write your script and practice once or twice, don’t over rehearse

  1. Imagine you’re talking to a friend or a group of friends, relax

  2. Wear something you feel comfortable in but dress for the occasion

  3. Have a plain ideally white background behind you

  4. Face strong daylight or use a light source facing you, behind your recording device

  5. Sit a little bit back from the camera/device, like a meeting not a video call with a friend!

  6. Use earphones or a clip on mic. Built in recording devices allow too much noise interference

  7. Be yourself, exude your personality. Video bio provides an opportunity to build an emotional connection with your viewers. You do that by letting people get to know the real you

  8. Remember this is not a test and nobody knows what you were planning to say

  9. SMILE!

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