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Providing a recommendation
Providing a recommendation
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If you have been asked to provide a recommendation by a professional who has joined our Dweet talent community here are a few points you might like to know.

You should have or will receive an email from Laurent Piffaut (one of our Dweet founders) requesting the recommendation along with the name and a brief message from the individual who requested you as their recommender.

In the email there is a link to a secure online form which is really quick and easy to complete.

We ask for a confirmation of their position (dates & job title), a testimonial, and any additional comments you wish to share.

The information provided is confidential and will not be shared externally. The only part of the recommendation we do share with the requester or potential employers/clients is your testimonial, and you can choose to anonymise your name if you prefer. If you have any more questions about providing a recommendation please contact:

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