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Which Luxury & Fashion brands are you already working with
Which Luxury & Fashion brands are you already working with
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Laurent Piffaut, one of our founders, worked for more than 17 years in the fashion and luxury industry for some of the top Maisons. Thanks to his reputation and network we already support some exceptional brands. We partner with a mixture of larger global brands and small to medium emerging brands that are opening their first physical and/or online stores. We really love to work with a diverse group of clients to ensure we can give our talent community diverse opportunities.

We don't list our client details on our website as confidentiality and privacy are key for both our talent community and our clients. We also don’t advertise our opportunities or mention our clients by name anywhere else in the public domain. When we have a specific opportunity to discuss with one of our Dweet consultants, we provide all the information required at that point.

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